Become a “Puncture Repair Ninja”.

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Gideon Burrows

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Holywood residents are invited to become ‘Puncture Repair Ninjas’.  This low-cost workshop aims to promote cycling for all the family
Cyclists and would-be cyclists of all ages in Holywood are invited to learn how to tackle one of the biggest things that keeps them off their bikes – punctures.  A flat tyre often leads to bikes being locked away in a shed or garage, left in the rain to rust, or falling out of use because many don’t have the knowledge or the equipment to fix a puncture. But now Holywood residents can learn to become ‘puncture ninjas’, gaining the simple skills and the tools they need to quickly change tyres and repair inner tubes on their bike.
And they’ll get a free puncture repair kit to take away.That Holywood Bike Thing, the trading name for qualified cycle mechanic Gideon Burrows, will be offering the £5 workshop at 10.30am until noon, on Saturday 26th August 2017 at Seapark Pavillion.Almost every adult and most kids have a bike, but so many of them are stashed away unused because of a puncture that feels too complicated to fix ourselves and too bothersome (or embarrassing) to take to a bike shop.  Fixing a puncture is really easy, and my practical and fun workshop will give riders young and old the confidence and the equipment to do it themselves. With millions likely to be ploughed into cycling infrastructure in Northern Ireland over the next decade, there’s no better time to put Holywood on two wheels.

Participants will learn how to remove wheels, take off tyres, identify punctures, repair inner tubes, and quickly get their bikes back on the road. They’ll also learn how to prevent punctures in the first place.

Every participant will get a free puncture repair kit to take away. Participants are invited to bring their bikes, whether they have a puncture or not, as the workshop will offer plenty of opportunity to practice.

Potential participants are invited to find out more and register at

Gideon Burrows holds a the cycle maintenance technician qualification with Cytech, the Association of Cycle Traders recognised qualification for bike mechanics.