The Holywood Hub

The Holywood Hub is a website offering quick and easy access to the various community groups, clubs, schools and businesses in Holywood, Its aim is to have information about these different bodies. It will also provide details of up-coming events/ activities and news about what is going on across the Holywood area. It will be a constantly updated interactive notice board for both the people of Holywood and all those interested in what is going on in and around the town.

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Tony Buckley

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02890 423331

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The Holywood Hub website has been created by Ardmore Advertising, but is owned by the local community via Holywood Shared Town. It does not depend on grants from any public bodies, and needs to self-financing, but plans are already being made to secure its future.
Because the Hub is a vehicle for organisations and not individuals, the first step for any organisation or body that is based in Holywood is to become registered as a user. Once registered, the organisation's details will be listed on the site. As often as they want, registered organizations will then be able to contribute additional information about their activities and plans.

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