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Camphill was established to teach, train and care for those with special needs because of their various mental, emotional and behavioural disabilities. This is still its principle role today. From the beginning the intention was to do this work not as a "job" in the usual sense, but as a way of life. What makes Camphill special and unique is that special needs children and adults are respectively at the heart of a community life based on Christian values where, according to ability, each person contributes what he or she can towards the wellbeing of his or her fellows.

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The Glencraig Camphill Community is situated in County Down outside Holywood; it is on a beautiful estate of 100 acres with woods, fields and parklands sloping down to the shore of Belfast Lough. There are 19 houses, various school buildings, some communal buildings and workshops with the farm at its heart. It was the first Camphill centre to be established in Ireland, having opened in April 1954.

Glencraig, a registered charity, is the only registered independent boarding school for children and young people with learning disabilities in Northern Ireland.

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