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Dementia NI was set up by five people living with a diagnosis of dementia. The organisation was founded on 15 January 2015 to provide a voice for people who are living with a diagnosis of dementia and to reach out to others who have dementia.
Today Dementia NI is a membership organisation led by people with dementia who are developing empowerment groups across Northern Ireland. Members attend empowerment meetings as well as travel in their local area to give talks at events. Some members are unable to attend regular meetings but will continue our work by contributing at external meetings and groups, giving talks and sharing their experiences.

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Ashleigh Davis

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02890 68 67 68

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Dementia NI has recently opened an Empowerment Group in the Holywood area. Group members meet every fortnight and support each other through friendship and understanding, particularly after a recent diagnosis. If you are interested, then do get in touch.

Our aims:
Challenge the stigma of having a diagnosis by raising awareness about dementia
Promote the rights of people living with dementia to influence policy, practice and service delivery across Northern Ireland
Provide training, education and awareness to organisations and the public on how to live well with dementia
Support people living with dementia to lobby and raise awareness of dementia in their own right.

Dementia Members:
Support each other through friendship and understanding, particularly after a recent diagnosis of dementia.
Influence policy and development of good practice
Inform other organizations so they can make their services, policies and practice more suitable for people living with dementia.
Raise awareness and challenge the stigma
Empower others with dementia
The Dementia NI groups which run throughout Northern Ireland, empower people living with dementia to have a voice, remain active and part of their community.

Through our groups, we hope to:
Provide friendship and understanding
Maintain group members’ abilities and communication skills
Provide social engagement
Alleviate boredom
Improve mood
Utilise and develop existing skills

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